Providence Church

This is a scene I photographed a few years back, too.  Then it didn't have all these cool little wildflowers by the sign, however.

I tried to do some research on this place, but couldn't find much on Google except its location on a map.  I saw a church by the same name in the area, so I assume this is their old place.  The new(er) one is much nicer and larger.

These are the kinds of places you find when you take that dirt road. ;)

This little gem is somewhere in between Chappell Hill, TX and Brenham, TX on N. Meyersville Road.  That's pretty much all I know about it.  I can only assume that some classic, southern gospel tunes were belted out of here back in it's day.

Not much to the photo technically.  It was one of those F/8 and be there kinda things.  I did shoot it ultra wide with my Tamron 15-30mm lens at a real low angle.  

If anyone happens to know any info on this place, I'd be happy to hear more about it.

You sick of birds yet?

I hope not...I got tons more ;)

Today's image is of a Snowy Egret.  I photographed this guy at Viera Wetlands while down in Florida.  This guy was so much fun to watch.  He would run across the water and dive his head under water.  Apparently he was catching fish.  I wasn't able to see these fish he was catching while I was shooting.  This guy was so fast at catching the fish, throwing it to the back of his mouth and swallowing it that it was tough to see in real time.

Luckily, I was able to capture a frame or two with a tiny fish in his beak.

ISO 400, 420mm, F/6.3 @ 1/2500th second

Hover over the image to see camera settings.  Click on the image for a larger view.

Thanks to the 12 frames per second mode on the Sony A77 II, I was able to get these frames that I couldn't really see in person.

Also, since this was a white bird and it was in direct sunlight I had to dial down some exposure compensation in order to keep from blowing out the whites.  I shot this at -1 EV.  

This image was made with my Sony A77 II and the Tamron 150-600mm Lens.  All mounted on my Sirui P-324S Monopod with L-20S Monopod Head.


Over the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend, I got an invite to go over to a lake in North Georgia to shoot some osprey that were on the nest.  It was a bit of a ride from my house, but boy I'm sure glad I went.  I ended up with some stuff I'm super happy with!

Although I left happy, it didn't start out that way.  I initially tried to shoot handheld.  The osprey were flying around so much that my arms quickly got tired.  I checked my images and the majority of them were out of focus.  I decided to salvage any part of the day I was going to have to go back to the vehicle and get the tripod, which I did.  Mounting the camera on the tripod turned out to be the deciding factor.  I started getting better shots when I could focus on the photography and not my tired arms.

ISO 800, 360mm, F/7.1 @ 1/1250th second

This image was made with my Sony Alpha 77ii, Tamron 150-600mm Lens and Vanguard Photo US Alta Pro 283CT Tripod.

I knew for the shots I was going for I needed a very high shutter speed.  I was shooting for above 1/1000th of a second.  I had to raise my ISO to 800, even though it was pretty bright.  Bumping the ISO and getting the higher shutter speed allowed me to capture this shot of the osprey landing at the nest and looking directly at me.  I was very pleased with this image.