Gibbs Gardens

Last Thursday was our workshop at GIbbs Gardens in Ball Ground, GA.  We had a  fantastic group of photographers!  The waterlilies were amazing!  I was on the hunt for a frog, though.  Maybe one by a waterlily...maybe.  One lady in our group, whom her husband says was blind, was the first one to spot the hidden frogs.  Once I learned of her skill, I followed her around until I got my frog shot.

ISO 100, 600mm , F/11 @ 1/80th second

I was using my trusty Tamron 150-600mm Lens to pull these waterlilies in close.  Well, waterlilies and frogs, too.  I also had my Sirui beast tripod, the R-5214X.  That thing could hold 40 of those lenses and not miss a beat.

I shot this at my camera's lowest native ISO of 100.   I also shot this on the longest end of my lens at 600mm.  Depth of field is a lot more shallow on longer focal length lenses, so I went with F/11.  You can see what I mean by looking at the waterlily right behind the frog.  It is out of focus.  These settings yielded a shutter speed of 1/80th second. I know that seems like a slow shutter speed for 600mm, but I was on a very sturdy tripod and my subject wasn't moving.  Those two factors allowed me to pull this off and still have a sharp image.  

Oh yeah....rib-bit!