Shoot it RAW!

Ok, aside from all the technical reasons to shoot RAW vs. JPEG the one reason I like the most is the ability to apply newly learned processing techniques.

Since this coming weekend I'll be taking a workshop group over the Southeastern Railway Museum, I thought I'd hop on the wayback machine to 2010.  I pulled one of my favorite shots from a trip I made there then and was able to re-process it with new software and techniques I've become quite fond of lately.  Since I had bracketed all the shots in RAW, I was able to just go back, pull them all up in Photomatix Pro and process it was still 2010, but with cooler 2013 tools.

I've been using the OnOne Software Suite to process a lot of HDR images lately and I love the effects I am getting.

Here it is.  The mail railcar (which is very fun to say) at The Southeastern Railway Museum.