Yellow-Rumped Warbler

The other day I had several of these Yellow-Rumped Warblers at the feeders.  While I have my blind setup just a few feet away from where I want the birds to land, I also have a background that allows me to capture a few "environmental" type shots.

ISO 3200, 600mm, F/6.3 @ 1/400th second

Hoover over the image to see camera settings used.  Click the image to view it larger.

While I could wait for this bird to hopefully come to one of the logs I have setup by the feeders to get a full frame shot of the bird only, I like to sometimes include a shot that shows you the bird's surroundings.  

The area behind my bird setup is full of these tall grasses.  The smaller birds tend to bounce from grass to grass all the time.  I am usually never quick enough to get a photo of them, however.  This day this little warbler sat on this piece of grass for a few seconds.  As I was taking images and watching through my viewfinder the wind picked up and knocked him to the ground.

This image was made with my Sony A77 II and Tamron 150-600mm Lens.  All mounted on my Sirui Tripod and PH-20 gimbal head.

Fog Lifting at Two Mile

Here's another shot from the infamous Two Mile Boat Launch in Apalachicola, FL.

This was taken just before sunrise as a layer of fog was lifting.  The fog created a nice ambiance to the scene.  The old shipwrecked, shrimp boat doesn't hurt either. ;)

There isn't much to this shot.  I made it using a borrowed Tamron 15-30mm Lens and a Novoflex lens adapter to adapt Nikon mount to Sony E mount.  I kept my ISO at a low 100.  Using this particular lens adapter, it has it's own apreture blades inside the adapter.  This means it doesnt report an aperture value back to the camera for EXIF...which also means I have no idea what my aperture was.  At 15mm, it really doesn't make a "ton" of difference, anyhow, but I'll guess F/8.  My shutter speed for this shot was 8 seconds.  I also used my Sirui W-2204 Tripod...I don't leave home without it.

ISO 100, 15mm, F/8-ish @ 8 seconds

I also processed this shot using a combination of Lightroom and On1 Perfect Effects.  I have become a huge fan of On1 over the last few years and I'm excited about their upcoming new release!