When I arrived home yesterday afternoon the light was great, so I grabbed my camera and headed to the bird blind.

I usually have cardinals at the feeders on a regular basis, but I never manage to get  "good" shots of them.  They seldom stay in the same place very long.  I also perfer not to photograph them on the ground or at the feeders, due to the fact that I like a more natural setting.  So, waiting on them to get on a log and stay for more than 3 milliseconds takes a little patience.

ISO 4000, 400mm, F/6.3 @ 1/640th second

Hover over the image to see camera settings used.  Click image to view it larger.

When I said the light was great earlier, it was.  It was perfect, soft, even, overcast light.  As it got later in the evening, I had to bump the ISO up to get a fast enough shutter speed to freeze any kind of movement, though.  I mentioned earlier that these guys never stay in the same place much, right?  So I bumped the ISO to 4000 to get a shutter speed of 1/640th.

This image was made with my Sony A77 II and Tamron 150-600mm Lens.  This setup was mounted to my Sirui tripod and PH-20 Gimbal Head.

Morning Glory

Yesterday I told you about how I got lucky on my way to photograph The Morning Glory Pool in the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone and was able to capture a bonus sunset image.

Well, this is the image I was originally going after:

ISO 100, 24mm, F/16 @ 1 second

While I am happy with this image, I'll take this and another good sunset image on the same day any time I can ;)

This pool is one of my favorites in Yellowstone.  Unfortunately, it's suffering from abuse.  Visitors to the pool have thrown coins, trash and debris into the pool over the years which has blocked the vents of the pool.  When the vents to the pool are blocked the water becomes cooler than normal causing more of the brown algae to thrive and the vibrant blue and green bacteria to die off.

The park service does attempt to clean the pool from time to time in an effort to combat this.  Remember, tossing your penny in might get you a wish, but does long term damage to the pools in the park.

This image was made with my Sony A7R, Sony LA-EA4 Lens Adapter and Tamron 24-70mm Lens.  All of this gear was stabilized using my Vanguard Alta Pro 283CT Tripod and BBH-200 Ballhead.