Fungi Car

Breaking the Apalachicola Theme, I am going to share an image I made a few weeks back at Old Car City in White, GA.

I've passed this car many, many times in the years I have been visiting Old Car City, but never photographed it until this day.  The weather was very overcast which provided very nice, soft, even light over everything.  Since the light was so nice and even, I was able to capture all of the detail in the scene that I wanted without have to use HDR as a tool.  Sometimes this can be nice because it cuts down on processing time quite a bit.

ISO 100, 24mm, F/11, 1/3 second

ISO 100, 24mm, F/11, 1/3 second

I used my Tamron Lenses 24-70mm Lens on my Sony A7R body via the Metabones Adapter.  You can see with a 1/3 of a second shutter speed I had to have a tripod.  I used my Vanguard Abeo Plus 323CT for the job.  I then processed the image in Adobe Lightroom and OnOne Perfect Effects 9.