Delicate Arch

One of the places on the list while we were in Moab, UT was Delicate Arch.  It is a 65 foot tall, freestanding arch and can be found in Arches National Park.  Finding it does require a 3 mile round trip hike that gains 480 ft in elevation.  It also gets very hot here, but we got a break on our hike up for was only in the high 80's and on our way back down it rained on us, which we welcomed at the time.

Aperture Priority, 1/100th second, F/11, ISO 100, 51mm

I shot this at "sunset". I put sunset in quotes because you really can't shoot this at sunset.  A shadow starts to come in and block the arch the closer you get to the actual sunset time.  Once that shadow starts to creep in your scene, the shooting is pretty much over.  We also had to deal with an enormous amount of people here.  People were all over the place.  They were lined up in a long line to take turns to have their picture made under the arch.  Trying to snap shots around the people was the biggest challenge.  

 I made this image with my Canon 5D III and Tamron 24-70mm Lens resting atop my Sirui tripod and K-40X ballhead.

Another From Mesa Arch

What a week last week was!  First, it started in Moab, UT in Arches National Park and Canyonland National Park, then a long drive up to Pinedale, WY to tour the Wind River Mountain Range, finally on to Jackson for the next 5 days for our workshop in Grand Teton National Park.  It was a week of almost no sleep and no reliable internet, so you didn't hear from me much at all.  It was also a blast!

Last week I shared an image with you form Mesa Arch.  That one was just after that sun had risen above the horizon.  This image was before that.  The sky and clouds are awesome but the arch hadn't lit up underneath just yet.  I'll show you that one tomorrow ;).

If you ever get the chance to shoot this scene at sunrise, get there early!  We were there at 3:30 am.  There is only about 8 feet or so of "prime" real estate to shoot from so you need to be there first to get it.  After sunrise and we packed up to leave there were at least 100 other people behind us.  Not all of them were photographers, but we couldn't have photographed with them in front of us regardless.

Aperture Priority, F/8, ISO 100, 5 seconds.

Image captured with my Canon 5D Mk III and Tamron 15-30mm Lens.  That combo was resting atop my Sirui tripod and K-40X Ballhead.