The Narrows

While on the trip to Zion National Park, I took a hike with the guys from the Tamron Mobile Learning Center up into The Narrows.  If you haven't seen the video we made you can check that out on the Tamron Mobile Leanring Center Facebook page here.

Being a guy that cut his teeth in landscape photography by shooting waterfalls and flowing water, this was one of the highlights of the trip for me!  I can not wait to get back there when there are less people.  The summer months are super crowded and The Narrows were the most crowded of any of the places in the park we visited.  We literally saw thousands of people along this hike and in the river.

The Narrows is basically an area where The Virgin River flows in between these gigantic, colorful canyon walls.  Although the hike is relatively easy, most of the hike is in the river itself, which often requires renting special equipment.  The water temp was 62 degrees when we were there, but we still rented special neoprene socks and shoes to keep our feet warm and comfy.  We also rented dry bags and backpacks to carry our gear in.  In the colder months you need to rent a wet suit due to the fact that the water is much colder and typically higher.  We never got in water that was more than waist deep on our trip.

When you do what is known as the "bottom up" hike, which is the most typical one due to the fact that it doesn't require special permits like the "top down" hike does, you can only go 5 miles up river before you have to turn around.  We made it about 3 miles up the river to the area known as Wall Street before we turned around and headed back. 

Aperture Priority, F/11, ISO 100, 4 seconds

There was no way I was making this hike along the river without my tripod!  I knew I was going to be getting some slow shutter speed shots to show the water movement.

This image was made using my Canon 5D III and Tamron 24-70mm Lens.  I took my Sirui N-3204X and K-30X Ballhead along for stability.  This was the only gear I took...aside from a circular polarizer that I kept mounted on my lens.  I traveled as light as possible.  After cramming my tripod in that backpack we rented I didn't have room for much else anyways.



Milky Way at The Bonsai Tree

I've been out in Utah for a few days now in Zion National Park.  The focus of the trip here was primarily night skies...and the conditions are perfect for it!

Here's an image of the milky way from the first scene we stopped to shoot it at.  I'm not sure this area even has a name, but we have called it "the bonsai tree".  This little tree hanging off the side of this boulder makes for a good image anytime, but when the milky way rises in the valley between the two "mountains", it is a sight to see!

Manual Exposure Mode, 30 seconds, F/2.8, ISO 3200, 15mm

Photographing the milky way is super easy!  The hardest part is doing the research to figure out the time and position of it in relation to your subject.  The camera settings are easy...manual mode, 30 second shutter speed, ISO 3200 and set your aperture as wide open as your lens will allow.

This image was made with my Canon 5D III and Tamron 15-30mm Lens.  All resting atop my Sirui N-3204X and K-30 Ballhead.