Black & White Barns

Every time I go to Wyoming to visit the Tetons, I always make it a point to go photograph the barns on Mormon Row.  They are probably the most photographed barns on the planet!  I still like to photograph them on every visit, because when nature is playing a part, things are never identical!

This time I decided to convert a few of them to Black & White for various reasons.  Look at this first image...of course you aren't able to see the mountain range behind the barn like we would like, but the clouds made for a very interesting composition that I knew immediately would look better in black & white than color.  This image was taken at a focal length of 16mm on a crop sensor camera.  I went with the wide angle for even more dramatic effect.

This next image is of the "other" barn.  That seems to be what everyone ends up calling it.  I also went with the 16mm focal length on this shot.  However, this time I got up close and put the barn "in yo face".  Since I was shooting directly into the sun, I had originally planned to shoot and process this as a HDR shot, but I didn't like how that was turning out, so I picked a single frame and converted it.

Lastly, the same barn...or the "other" barn again.  This time more of a traditional composition.  However, with the contrast of the snow on the mountains and the clouds above, I knew this would be another one that would look good in b&w.  This was shot at a longer focal length...48mm.  

But I used the same lens for all these shots.  The new Tamron 16-300mm lens designed for crop sensor cameras.  That lens stayed on my camera more than I had ever anticipated simply due to its versatility.  It also has macro capabilities!