A Couple of Updates

So, I've been on the road for the last few weeks without access to a computer.  Good news, though...I got some great shots and had a great time traveling for a week along the East Coast from Charleston, SC to St. Augustine, FL.

Tonight I will be giving a presentation at Huntsville Photographic Society and will we sharing many images from this trip!  This will be my second time presenting to this group.  If you are in the Huntsville, AL area and want to hang out with a genuine good group of folks and photographers, check them out.

In latest software news, On1 has updated their Perfect Photo Suite to version 9.5.  I have been using this software for the last few years and have grown to love it.  It is a very quick way to greatly enhance your images!  To check it out, or download a free trial, go to this link.

Speaking of Charleston...and On1...here's one of the images I managed to gt at a place called Dixie Plantation.  

ISO 400, 57mm, F/11 @ 1/6th second

I normally shoot a scene like this with an ISO as close to 100 as possible, however the wind this evening was causing the Spanish moss to blow around and blur quite a bit, so I raised my ISO until I got a "fast enough" shutter speed to prevent this.

I also processed this image in the new On1 Perfect Effects 9.5.  I used a preset called "Big Softy"  then added a filter to enhance the greens.  This software save me time and is pretty dang easy to use to boot!

I'm back...

I've finally recovered from the great IRS hard drive crash of 2014!

Seriously, my laptop hard drive died and I was on the road for a while, so it took me a bit to get everything going again.

Tonight I wanted to share an image I made a few weeks ago in my "outdoor bird studio".  I've setup an area in my backyard to photograph birds.  It's a rudimentary setup with a few feeders, some branches for the birds to perch on and me in one of those pop-up style hunting blinds.  It has worked out great so far!  I set my blind up just outside the minimum focusing distance of my Tamron SP 150-600mm Lens paying close attention to my background.  There is enough room in the blind for me, my Vanguard Tripod and a chair.  

I call this my "outside bird studio" because a few friends of mine have a similar setup, but they can photograph from the comfort of the inside of their house.  My blind does not have AC...unless you unzip a few flaps and, even then, it's not very good.

Here's an image I made of one the cardinals that frequents the bird studio.  I shot this at 600mm, ISO 400, F/7.1 and 1/640th of a second.  The advantage of setting this up is I can position the "perch" branches in the best possible light for the time of day I am shooting.  This one happened to be morning light.  The birds seem to like moving around a lot more then, too.