Upcoming Old Car City Workshop

The Nature In Focus Workshop at Old Car City starts this coming Friday. I am super excited about all the offerings we have this time around.  We are going to be doing casual shooting of the cars on Friday including HDR and macro.  We will also be working on composition and working with tough exposure situations.  Then on Friday night we will have the place to ourselves for a little light painting work.  Saturday we have arranged for a few models to show up to work with lighting and portraiture.  It's going to be a blast!

In an effort to get geared up for this event, I went back and looked at some unprocessed images that I shot there last year.  This one is probably the most photographed scene there...the office.  When I approach a scene like this that is frequently photographed, I try to find a way to put a different spin on it.  In this case I tried to anchor the foreground with these blue car seats.  Then I try to lead your eye up to the office and even on past to the old cars in the background.  In an effort to help guide your eye, I've darkened and blurred the edges so you look directly at the subject.

I processed this image in Photomatix HDR Software, Adobe Lightroom and OnOne Perfect Effects 9.

5 images bracketed at F/11 and ISO 100.  Focal Length 24mm.

5 images bracketed at F/11 and ISO 100.  Focal Length 24mm.

This image was taken using my Sony A7R and Tamron Lenses 24-70mm Lens.  All Mounted on top of my Vanguard Abeo Plus 323CT Tripod.