Stuff Happens @#$!%

So, I while I was out in Texas I got the opportunity to visit the state capital.  It was something I had been wanting to do for some time.  When I knew I might get the chance, I contacted some of local Texas friends and the plans were made.

Here's an image from the third floor (that's as high as the general public is allowed to go) looking down onto the floor.

That was the last shot I took with my Tamron 15-30mm lens.  A few moments after this, we were ready to leave.  I put my camera on my tripod and threw it over my shoulder, like always...and bam!  I hear the camera and lens drop to the floor.  Apparently it wasn't tightened into the ballhead good enough and when i picked up the tripod the camera went flying.  My own dumb fault!

The camera itself "looked" ok, but the lens was laying on the floor in 2 pieces.  The lens mount had separated from the lens itself.  I had backup bodies and other lenses I could shoot with, but this 15-30 was my baby.  My broken baby.

broken 15-30

We continued on shooting around Texas looking for wildflowers and what not.  The rest of that day and on my flight home I was weighing my options.  My gear is insured but I was trying to crunch numbers on repairing vs. replacing via insurance.    I decided to go the repair route.  Then I got in touch with the best repair team in the biz...The Tamron Repair guys.

I told them the situation and they said to me "There is nothing we cannot fix outside of your lens being full of liquid".  So, I send them the lens and pay them the repair fees since it was a non warranty repair. One week and one day after I had shipped my lens, it returns all fixed up.

fixed 15-30

Eight days...including the weekend and shipping times, I have my repaired lens back!  That's hard to beat.  I can't imagine how quick this would've gotten done if it were a warranty repair.  If you can't be without your gear very long investing in a product that can give you a 6 year warranty and that quick a turnaround on repairs (even out of warranty repairs) is a HUGE benefit!  Thanks again, Tamron for taking such good care of this.

By the way, I did decide to send my camera in for a check up since I have the Sony Pro Imaging Support.  They are still awaiting parts to fix my Sony A7R II, but they have sent me a loaner to use until it is repaired.