Feeding time

Ok...so, yes they are Starlings...and yes they are an invasive bird...and yes it seems a lot of the suggestions are to "get rid of" them.  However, I'm not much on "getting rid of" any bird and they nested in my backyard, so I'm not letting those photo ops go to waste. ;)

I noticed yesterday afternoon that the babies were finally sticking their heads out of the box.  There was a little light left, but it was very unflattering.  I still gave it a shot (pun intended) and came away with some decent stuff, but the light was very flat and I was having to shoot at high ISOs to get a fast enough shutter speed.  So, I decided I would try it again this morning.

ISO 1600, 280mm, F/6.3 @ 1/1250th second

So, I employed the same strategy as before.  I composed the scene and  then I locked down all the knobs and levers on my tripod head so my camera would not move.  Then I manually pre-focused on the spot where the birds would be.  This was pretty easy because the baby pretty much stayed out of the box the entire time and the focus peaking on the Sony A77ii works like a champ.  Then, I would watch the sky and as soon as I saw mom coming in I'd hold the shutter button down and let 'er eat.  

ISO 1600, 280mm, F/6.3 @ 1/1250th second

The morning light was much better and I was able to shoot at a much lower ISO.  I went back out this afternoon to try to capture some video footage of mom feeding the babies, but mom never showed up...but I got 30 minutes of baby footage ;)

Images captured with the Sony A77ii and Tamron Lenses 150-600mm Lens mounted atop a Vanguard Photo US Alta Pro 283CT Tripod.