Anna Ruby Falls Pano

A few weeks back I was in the North Georgia Mountains with my good friend, David Akoubian.  We had an extra day to get in some shooting so we went to a couple of waterfalls.  One of those waterfalls was Anna Ruby Falls near Helen, GA.

While we were there, we were photographing from a bridge that the creek flowed beneath.  Well, right at the edge of the bridge was a cascade that I really wanted to get into the foreground and still be able to include the big falls in the background, too.   I was limited to a 24mm lens as my widest and it wouldn't allow me the composition I wanted.  I decided to remedy that situation by shooting a vertical panoramic image.

Most people always think of panos being in a horizontal format, but you shouldn't rule them out all together for a vertical.  In this case, I zoomed into about 50mm and set my aperture to F/16 and ISO to 100.  My shutter speed varied from frame to frame, but it was roughly around 2-3 seconds for each frame.  Once I had my settings dialed in and my focal length set, I basically started in the upper left and took three frames across the top left to right making sure to overlap each frame by at least 25%.  Then I went down about 75% (in order to overlap again by about 25%) and started the process over from left to right.  I repeated this process until I had everything I wanted to include in my image.  It ended up being 27 images (9 rows of 3 images)  total.  I then brought those home, and using Photoshop, I merged them into a panoramic file.  The result is what you see below.

I used my Sony A7R, LA-EA3 Lens Adapter and Tamron 24-70mm Lens to capture this image.  It was mounted atop my Sirui R-5214X Tripod and K-40X Ballhead.