Minnehaha Falls in North Georgia

Last week we had our Gibbs Garden Waterlily Workshop.  It went fantastic!  The weather was dang near perfect, the participants were amazing and the waterlilies were off the charts awesome!

I stayed over in Georgia an extra day so David and I could go shoot some waterfalls in the area.  We also had what is now dubbed "The Semi-Annual Nature In Focus Company Meeting"  to discuss plans about which workshops to include for the upcoming year.  These meetings usually start off with a vanilla pudding filled long john from Deb's Bakery in Jasper.  If they don't start that way, then they are a huge disappointment.  

We decided to head to Minnehaha Falls in North Georgia Friday morning.  I experienced a few "firsts" that morning.  It was my first trip to the falls.  It was my first time using the Tamron 15-30 Lens with a monstrous circular polarizer on the front and it was my first time putting my new Sirui R-5214X Tripod in the water.  

This Sirui Tripod is a beast!  When I say beast I mean like a beast that is big and strong, not hairy and very light to carry through the woods.  OK, seriously, it is amazing how light and easy to carry this tripod is for it's size.  

The Tamron 15-30 did not disappoint either.  It produced amazingly sharp images and I'm looking forward to getting one of my own so I can add it to the ole landscape arsenal.

ISO 100, 15mm, F/22 @ 20 Seconds

This image was made with my Sony A7R, a borrowed Novaflex Lens Adapter and a borrowed Tamron 15-30mm Lens.  All resting a top the mighty Sirui R-5214X tripod and K-40X Ballhead.

The morning was fantastic!  The clouds hung out long enough for us to capture great images, I spent some time just sitting on the rocks and letting my feet soak in the stream's cold water and I was there hanging out with a good friend.  Oh, that long john was mighty fine, too ;)  

Machine Falls

This is one of my favorite waterfalls to photograph!  I used to go here quite often, but we've moved a little further away now, so I don't get there as much as I used to.

Yesterday it was overcast and rainy all day.  Most people don't get too excited when its sprinkling or gray outside, but I am not most people!  I get fired up because I got to sleep until 8 and I still get to get out and make images of waterfalls in fantastic light!

This weather...overcast, grey, meh and rainy are the best time to shoot flowing water.  Because there isn't as much light, it allows you to maintain a slower shutter speed, which gives you that milky water effect.

This one was taken with my Sony A7R, Metabones Lens Adapter and Tamron 24-70mm Lens.  I also used a circular polarizer to kill reflections and had everything mounted on my Vanguard Alta Pro 283CT Tripod.

ISO 100, 24mm, F/16, 4 seconds

ISO 100, 24mm, F/16, 4 seconds