Gulf of Mexico

While I was in the Houston Area last week, I took a trip to the coast.  I had taken the trip in order to capture some photos for a project I'm working on.  I got so caught up in this project that the opportunity to photograph other subject evaded me totally.  Luckily, I packed an additional lens, the Tamron 16-300mm Lens, that allowed me to capture some of the unexpected subjects.

I kind of just threw this lens in the bag thinking I might need a little extra reach beyond the 70mm that the 24-70 would offer me.  I really expected to shoot only wide angle scenes the entire time.  That was until I stumbled upon a ton of these White Ibis' wading along the bay.

ISO 640, 300mm, F/6.3 @ 1/5000th second

I was glad to have done a few things when I came across these.  I was glad I had packed that Tamron 16-300mm Lens and I was glad I brought my Sirui T-2205X Tripod.  Both of those things came in very handy here.  I was wishing I had my 150-600mm Lens once I saw this guy had caught a crab...but I worked with what I had.

Image captured with Sony A77ii and Tamron 16-300mm Lens.  Resting atop the Sirui T-2205X Tripod and G-20X Ballhead.