Pilgrim Creek Sunrise Time-Lapse

What happens on a photography workshop?

We get up extremely early and do this.

On this workshop, I took a GoPro video camera and attached it to my tripod while shooting at sunrise and sunset.  I set the GoPro to take a still image every 5 seconds for the duration of sunrise and/or sunset, which was usually a few hours.

This is the time-lapse I made at Pilgrim Creek, the place yesterday's image was made.  I made it last about a minute long, so you've got a few hours worth of images in just over a minute.  It's pretty neat to have this as a memory and share with you as well.

At about the 20 second mark, those clouds start to light up pink and that sure made for something nice to watch and capture.  The sun just started to crest the horizon in the East at about the 40 second mark.  You can tell from this video how fast the light changes.