The Chief

This is another shot from Old Car City USA.  I've tried taking close-up shots of similar hood ornaments before and never came out with anything I was pleased with.  This one was pretty neat, though.  One of the workshop participants noticed the red "wings" on this chief ornament and everyone lined up to shoot it.

We had to "work the scene" a bit.  Initially the hood was raised and the sky behind the ornament was bright white, so shooting straight on gave you a blown out background.  I tried lowering the hood in an effort to capture more of the red color in the ornament without the blown out background.  After doing this, the background with the hood lowered was much more distracting than the blown out sky...onto something else.

I raised the hood back up and found an angle that I could shoot the ornament without a distracting background.  The only problem now is I couldn't get the color out of the red like I could when it was backlit.  Enter Lightroom....

After I made some slight adjustments to the raw file, I then made a virtual copy and using the HSL Luminous target adjustment tool, I increased the reds only.  Check out the difference below.

Here is the image without the HSL Luminous adjustment:

Chief Hood Ornament

And here is the image WITH the HSL Luminous adjustment added:

ISO 250,  70mm, F/2.8 @ 1/200 second

ISO 250,  70mm, F/2.8 @ 1/200 second

This one quick, little adjustment made a HUGE difference in this image.

This image was made using my Sony A7R, Metabones Adapter and Tamron 24-70mm Lens.  The maximum F/2.8 aperture of this lens really helped to blur the background.  Of course I used a Vanguard Abeo Plus 323CT.


I don't know much about these Imperial Cars....but I do know this.  If you had one, you had an awesome trunk ornament.  Seriously...this eagle is awesome!

This is another thing I've never noticed at Old Ca City before.  We later figured out appears someone had just recently cleared it of the pine straw.  Thank you, pine straw clearer guy.

ISO 200, 33mm, F/16 @ 1/5 sec.

ISO 200, 33mm, F/16 @ 1/5 sec.

Image captured with a Sony A7R, Metabones adapter and Tamron 24-70mm Lens.  A Vanguard Abeo Plus 323CT kept things nice and sharp.

Calhoun's Go Go Lounge

During our recent workshop at Old Car City USA, I was pretty selective about things I photographed.  I tried to limit myself to things I had not shot there before.  And, even though I've been there a dozen times, there are still plenty of things I have not shot before!

We were walking down one of the trails and I noticed this bumper sticker.  I had to stop and capture this.  I'm surprised this bumper sticker is in this shape after all these years.  I'm also surprised someone from Ohio would come all the way to Calhoun, GA to visit the must've been a heck of a go go lounge.

ISO 200, 31mm, F/16 @ 0.4 seconds

ISO 200, 31mm, F/16 @ 0.4 seconds

This image was taken with my Sony A7R and Tamron Lenses 24-70mm Lens.  I used my Vanguard Abeo Plus 323CT to stabilize my camera and lens.

The Old Plymouth

I've really got no news or anything exciting...

So, I thought I'd share with you this image I made at Old Car City.  This was shot with my Sony A7R using my Metabones Adapter with my Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD Lens.

I shot this in Aperture Priority Mode at F/22, ISO 100 which resulting in a shutter speed of 1/2 second.