Topaz Clarity is Awesome!

So, I'm a little late to this party because I've been so busy lately, but I finally got around to checking out Topaz's latest offering in Photoshop filters - Topaz Clarity.

Being a huge fan of Topaz, and having several of their other filters, I knew this would be a must have for me.  And I was right.  This is probably my new favorite Topaz filter, although it may be a photo finish between it and Adjust ;)

I wanted to give you a few examples of before and afters I did quickly this afternoon.  Most of the afters are just one click solutions using the Topaz presets, which are also labeled in a way that make picking one for your particular photo easy and straight forward.

Let's start with a macro example.  Here's a pretty neat shot.

Macro shot before using Topaz Clarity Filter.

And here's the pretty neat shot after Topaz Clarity.  Holy Wowzers!  For this I used a preset.  It was in the Macro preset category (fitting, huh?) and the preset was called Flower III.  I tell ya, these Topaz folks must be simple minded, like myself.  Although, I could never create such awesome filters.

Macro Photo with Topaz Clarity Filter applied

Next up a shot of some koi in a pond I took with my new, fancy pants Fuji X-E1.

Koi before applying Topaz Clarity Filter

And the after....

Koi after Topaz Clarity Filter has been applied.

I hate to keep on with the wowzers, but c'mon.  This is impressive stuff.  I used another preset for this, but they didn't have a "koi in a pond" preset so I went with one called Low Contrast Color Pop II.

Last up is a shot from inside the old TN State Prison.  This is one area I'm going to absolutely eat this Clarity filter up...HDR.  HDR photos and clarity have always gone great together, and being an advocate of HDR, I was certainly excited to see this filter come to life.  So I jumped right in with this shot.  Here is it before.

Prison before Topaz Clarity

And now for the after...

Prison after Topaz Clarity Filter is applied

Ok, so I know your thinking they can't have a "old abandoned prison" preset.  Well, not exactly, but close.  The preset I used is found under the Architecture category (again, fitting) and was labeled Interior Strong.  Since I was inside and all...I went with Interior and it worked well.

Another thing I wanted to point out was I commonly get questions about using multiple Topaz products and which one to use first, second, yada, yada.  Topaz says on their webpage that their is no right or wrong order the filters, or plugins, can be used in.  That's a good thing for me, because if there was a wrong way, I'd find it first.  However, here is a template for Topaz's suggested workflow when using more than one Topaz product that I got from their official blog page.  Hopefully this will clear up any questions you may have had.

Topaz suggested workflow

If your on the fence about getting Topaz Clarity I hope I helped push you on over, because for a limited time price of $30, it really is a no-brainer.