Smokies Water

I love shooting these river and stream shots in the Smokies!  The trouble I usually have at these scenes is I always want to get the wide angle view of these locations, but then I always see a little isolated cascade that I think looks good.  

When I'm using my wide angle lens, I have to switch lenses if I want to isolate any of the small cascades...and usually the lens I need is back at the car.  This year, however, I was armed with the Tamron 16-300 Lens.  It served me very well at these scenes.  I could take one lens and get the wide angle view as well as isolating a cascade in the stream.

ISO 100, 22mm, F/16 @ 2.5 seconds

The above shot was at 22mm.  I wanted to include all of the water as well as the greenery in the background.  Then I found one of those cascades I wanted to isolate.

ISO 100, 130mm, F/16 @ 1.3 seconds

This shot was made at 130mm.  While that isn't all of the 300mm lens, it was enough that would have required me to change lenses had I been using my wide angle lens.  No trip back to the car equals happy photographer.

These images were made with the Sony A77ii and Tamron 16-300mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II PZD Macro Lens.  I also used a Hoya Circular polarizer to kill glare and reflections.  All of this was mounted a top my Vanguard Abeo PLus 323 CT Tripod.