One Last Web

Typical things like dew and spider webs are usually mostly gone around here this time of year.  However, this past weekend was unusually warm and we were welcomed on Sunday morning with heavy fog and dew.

As I walked out to get the Sunday Newspaper, I noticed a perfectly dew covered spiderweb in one of our crepe myrtle trees.  I quickly ran in and grabbed my Sony A7R, Tamron 90 Macro Lens and my Vanguard Abeo Plus 323CT Tripod.  I ran back out and quickly setup.  It wasn't going anywhere, I'm not sure why I was in race mode.

I knew I wanted to blur the grass in the background to a soft, creamy green, so I shot this in Aperture Priority Mode at F/11 (which is a pretty small aperture for macro).  You can tell how shallow a depth of field F/11 gives us by how quickly we start to lose sharpness to the left side of the image.  It was also a bit windy, and the web was moving, so I knew I needed a faster shutter speed to help me freeze it.  To accomplish this I raised my ISO to 1600, which gave me a shutter speed of 1/400th.  


If you are sick of these webs, you are in luck as I don't expect to see much of them around for a while. ;)