Mirrorless Lensbaby

I recently acquired a Lensbaby Composer Pro for my Sony FE Mount mirrorless system.  I was pretty excited to get it on the camera and give it a whirl.

I've had the Canon EOS mount Lensbaby Composer that I've used for a while, but I was super stoked to get the FE mount Composer Pro, as I could use it without an adapter.  For new Lensbaby Composer users, I believe there is a bit of a learning curve.  That curve is cut down quite a bit on the Sony mirrorless systems due to something called Focus Peaking.  Focus Peaking basically highlights whatever is in focus on the screen in whatever color you select in the camera's menu system.  And it works!  And works good...really good!  It really helps us blind ones. ;)

Here's an image I made with some of our newly bloomed wildflowers, the Sony A7R and the Lensbaby Composer Pro with the Single Glass Optic.

ISO 100, 50mm, F/4.0 @ 1/640th second

I processed this image in Adobe Lightroom and finished things off in On1's Perfect Effects 9.  I used a couple of my favorite presets in the On1 suite.  First I applied a preset called "Vecchio".  It applies a warming effect on the photo.  Then I finished it off with the "Big Softy" vignette preset.  

If you are interested in Lensbaby Optics, feel free to click the banner on the right to visit their page.