Minnehaha Falls in Veritcal

Here's another shot of MInnehaha Falls in North Georgia.  It, too, was taken with the Tamron 15-30.  This image is a vertical composition vs. the horizontal I posted a few days ago.  It's certainly a good idea to shoot both compositions when on site, and I recommend doing so.  I also believe that some scenes just lend themselves better composition wise to vertical more so than horizontal.  Of course, everything is subjective and mostly personal preference, but I think this scene looks much better as a vertical.

When I was standing there, in the water, I knew I'd like this better as a vertical composition, too. I could get more of the foreground anchor of the cascade and rock in the scene while still including all the top of the falls.  Also, there wasn't very much interesting to me along either side of the image, so I knew it would look more pleasing as a vertical to not include those portions of the scene.  It also allowed me to use the dark edges as kind of a natural vignette.

This image was made using my Sony A7R, a borrowed Nikon mount Tamron 15-30 Lens and a borrowed Novaflex lens adapter.  I had all of this gear mounted on my Sirui R-5214X Tripod.  I often get asked if I am in the water when I make these waterfall shots.  The answer, more often than not, is yes.  Sometimes that water is flowing at quite the force.  Having a stable and sturdy tripod like the Sirui R-5214X gives me the security that my image will be tack sharp, even in fast moving water.  That thing is SOLID.  It stands up to the moving water with ease.  I'm still impressed with how little it weighs for how much weight it supports, too.

ISO 100, 15mm, F/22 @ 20 seconds

I mentioned I was using a borrowed lens and adapter.  The way this adapter worked was the adapter had it's own aperture ring that you adjusted vs. adjusting the lens.  The adapter did not report a F # back to the camera, but I had it cranked down as far as it would go, so I'm assuming it was about F/22.  It gets pretty scientific out there, folks ;)