Instrument Panel

While I was walking around Old Car City USA this past Friday, I noticed an instrument panel with all the gauges on it laying on the ground.  I decided it would photograph much better on the bed of an old pick up truck. 

After placing the instrument panel on the bed rail of this pick up I decided I wanted to shoot it at a very shallow depth of field.  I was using my Tamron 24-70 mm F/2.8 Lens on mt Sony A7R via the Metabones lens adapter.  I zoomed in on the gauge cluster a tad, opened my aperture up to F/4.0 and checked my LCD...yup that's shallow enough ;)

ISO 100. 40mm,  F/4.0,  1/20th second

ISO 100. 40mm,  F/4.0,  1/20th second

Above is the final result.  

The moral:  Sometimes as photographers we need to "place" things into our compositions.  Sometimes this is a leaf on a rock in the foreground and other times it's an instrument panel from a Chevy on a pickup truck.  Whatever it is, don't be afraid to "place" objects in the scene to help make the image stronger.  

If you do move something into your frame, it's always good practice to place it back where it was originally once you are done.