Grand Prismatic Springs

This past September I had a chance to visit Yellowstone National Park.  It was a short one day trip up from Jackson Hole, WY, so we didn't have a lot of time.  However, I knew I wanted to see the Grand Prismatic Springs at The Midway Geyser that was the plan. 

The night before Mother Nature dealt us a surprise...a small snow storm.  While we were all excited to see the snow, we quickly found out the dark and evil side of snow.  Once we went through the gates to Grand Teton National Park the ranger kindly asked where we were headed.  We replied with Yellowstone...kinda in that excited voice like Clark Griswold when he would have said Wally World.  The ranger told us that although the entrance to Yellowstone was open, the road to Old Faithful and Grand Prismatic Springs was closed.  We decided to venture on as far as we could go.  Besides, shooting all these snow covered trees wouldn't be a bad plan B.   

We took our time getting there, as the roads were a bit slick and we knew what we wanted to get to wasn't open anyway.  We stopped and coffee'd up and got a few snacks, we stopped at a gift shop to browse around, where we also heard more news about the road closure, and also made a few roadside stops.  We finally get to the entrance gate of Yellowstone and I thought I'd ask the ranger just for giggles.  She said, "The road has just been reopened, but it requires snow tires.  Do you have snow tires?".  To which I promptly replied "Absolutely!".  The truth was, it was a rental and I had no idea what kind of tires it had....but that day, they were snow tires. 

So, after all the highs and lows we finally get to the springs.  Since it was snowing the weather wasn't the best for bringing out the bright, vivid colors that usually pop in your mind when you think of these places.  However, we were there!   

Here it is...Grand Prismatic Springs.  On a snowy, cloudy, cold day in September. 

F/16, ISO 100 and 1/30th second.