Eagles of Berry College

This past weekend I went over to Berry College in Rome, GA to photograph their famous Bald Eagle pair.  The eagles have nested there since 2012 and this year the eaglets have hatched and action has picked up a bit at the nest.  This was my second trip to Berry this year.  My first trip was before the eggs hatched, so things were not very fast paced.  Now, since they have more mouths to feed, action has picked up and should increase more and more as those babies grow and get hungrier.

ISO 400, 400mm, F/5.6 @ 1/3200th second

This is a shot of the male.  He was returning to the nest after what felt like about a 5 hour departure.  At least he was returning with a new twig for the nest!

I shot this with my Canon 7D and Tamron Lenses 150-600mm Lens.  That lens is phenomenal...especially for $1069 retail price.  I sure love mine!