Church in Texas

So, today I was thumbing through the Feb 2015 Outdoor Photographer Magazine and noticed a photo that looked awful familiar.  Hey, that's mine.  And that's one of my photo partners, Vanguard Photo USA.  It was nice to see my image in an ad of theirs.

The image they used was an image I made in late spring of some bluebonnets in Texas.  Seeing the image got me to thinking back to that day.  I remember coming across this little church at the end of the dirt road I was driving down on a bluebonnet hunt.  I actually made this image of the church on Easter Sunday, too.  It was pretty desolate when I came across it late that afternoon.  I'm not even sure if anyone still uses it, but I thought it made for a cool shot!

24mm, F/16, ISO 100 @ 1/4 second

24mm, F/16, ISO 100 @ 1/4 second

This image was made with my Sony A7R and Tamron Lenses 24-70mm Lens.  That combo was mounted on my Vanguard Abeo Plus 323CT Tripod.

I processed the image in Adobe Lightroom.  One thing I did to bring a little color out of the sky was to bring down the luminous in the blue channel.  This really made the no nothing sky pop with blue.