Bluebonnet Dance Tavern

After much consideration I have decided to have the Lasik Procedure done.  I've been in glasses or contacts since I was about 8 years old, so I am excited about not having to mess with either of those again.  I'll be having this done tomorrow morning, so you probably won't see any blog post tomorrow.  If things go wrong I may never see another one.  C'mon, that was a good joke.

Last week, whilst in Texas hunting their ever popular wildflowers, we stumbled upon this little abandoned building.  I could not have lived with myself if we didn't go back and at least snap off a few frames.  

ISO 400, 45mm, F/8 @ 1/400th

The Bluebonnet Dance Tavern.  This thing spoke to me in many ways.  First, we can't skip the name of the place, okay.  Awesome name!  Well played, person that named this place...well played.  Second, there are a lot of different textures going on here.  I love textures.  The bricks, the doors, the stucco wall and even the grass and asphalt all have different textures.  

I made this image using my new Sony A6300 camera, LA-EA3 adapter and Tamron 24-70mm Lens.  I must've been living on the edge here, because this image was handheld.

Regretfully, we didn't dance at the dance tavern, but hopefully if everything goes well tomorrow I can dance around the house...without my glasses.


A lot of the time I was walking around during our workshop in Apalachicola, I was looking for different textures to shoot.  I personally like images of texture, but I also may be able to do something else with these images down the road.  I may use these as texture overlays on some of my other never know. ;)

Here are a few I took with my Canon 7D and Tamron 16-300mm Lens.  

Some of these items are tree trunks, rusty boats, chains, signs, etc.  I just simply zoomed in and got close to capture a certain portion of the texture I liked.  Shooting textures is a great way to get outside of your box, create images you can use for multiple purposes and it may even help you out of a creative funk.