My travels this week took me through Texas again.  I knew when I found out I was going to be there, that I wanted to try go get some shots of their famous bluebonnets.

I set out to Google, where I found a map where people had marked spots of where they had spotted the flowers and how big the field was...awesome!  I knew it was pretty close to the end of the season for them, but the map was all I had to go on.

I set out towards a town called Chapel Hill.  I found some pretty good fields here on some back country dirt roads.  However, this was a few hours before sunset, so I continued on to another town called Independence.  The bluebonnets in the fields I passed while driving out to Independence were either already done, or the land owner had already bush hogged the property.   In fact, I stopped to photograph a very small patch of about 5-6 bluebonnets in front of this old barn and while I leaving the landowner showed up to mow them down.

As sunset got closer and closer, I decided I had not seen anything close to as good as I saw near Chapel Hill.  So back to that dirt road I went.  There were several spots to pick along this road and I photographed some other interesting items that I may share with you later.  I picked one of the best spots and waited for the sun to drop.  Well, the clouds rolled in just before sunset, but I managed to get a shot just before they came in.

I believe luck plays a roll in these photographs and it certainly did on this day.  The sun peeked out one last time from the clouds and stayed out for about 20 seconds...more than enough time for a few exposures.  I managed to put myself in the right place at the right time and when it appeared the clouds were coming in, the photo gods gave me about 20 seconds of good luck.


This shot was taken with the Sony A7R camera body, Metabones EOS adapter and Tamron 24-70 F/2.8 Di VC USD Lens.  Everything was resting on my Vanguard Abeo Pro 284 AT Tripod and BBH-200 Ballhead.  Processed in Adobe Lightroom and Onone Photo Suite 8.1.