Last week I thought I was dying of the flu.  Since I didn't haul my butt from the bed often, I didn't post either.

Now that I think my life is back under control, I am going to be posting some images again.  

This is an image I made a few weeks ago while on a trip to Berry College in Rome, GA to look for a pair of Bald Eagles that next there.  No, this isn't an eagle.  Yes, I did see an eagle.  Yes, I sat there for hours first.  However, early in the morning this little bluebird helped pass the time by flying in to pose for me on this birdhouse.  No one else was really interested in this guy.  I thought he was awesome!

I captured this guy with my Canon 7D and Tamron 150-600mm Lens on my Vanguard Alta Pro 283CT Tripod.  A great combo!

ISO 500, 483mm, F/6.3 @ 1/500th second

ISO 500, 483mm, F/6.3 @ 1/500th second

This little guy would fly in, pose for a few minutes, then leave.  He'd come back and do the same thing over and over most of the morning.  I tried to wait on a few things in my composition.  First, I wanted to capture as much blues a as I know, since he is a bluebird.  Secondly, I waited patiently before pushing the shutter until I was sure a catachlight was in his eye.  I think the catchlight in the eye really makes a huge difference in the final image.

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