Bluebird Buffet?

Here's an image I made several weeks back when these bluebirds were still feeding their young in the box.  

Dad was on the box with a cricket and then mom came to join him with a grub.  To the babies I'm sure this was like when I found out the Chik-Fil-A in Rome, GA had a breakfast buffet.  

I can't really explain why, but I love photographing bluebirds.  To me they are so much more fun than other birds.  Maybe it's their personality that I like about them the most.

I made this image with  my Sony Alpha 77ii and Tamron 150-600mm Lens.  In a rare event, I was hand holding the camera/lens so I raised the ISO a touch to make sure I had a decent shutter speed.

ISO 800, 230mm, F/6.3 @ 1/400th second