Before and After

I wanted to take a moment to share with you a photo from Sparks Lane in Cades Cove in GSMNP.

I wanted to show you the importance of shooting in RAW and the before and after of this photo.  Also, I wanted to share with you the Lightroom Preset I have created for these morning, gloden hour type shots.

First, here is the RAW image out of the camera:

This doesn't even closely reflect what I remember seeing that morning, so let's take a look after only a few seconds in Adobe Lightroom:

That's more like it...what a difference!  This is why we get up before sunrise.  The warm, golden light you only get during this time of day.  

Like I mentioned, these edits were quickly don in Adobe Lightroom.  If you are an Adobe Lightroom users and would like to download the preset,      just click here.

To install the preset into Lightroom on a Windows Computer, First click on Edit from the Lightroom Menu bar, then choose Preferences.  You should see this screen, where you will click the Show Lightroom Presets Folder Button:

This should open your Windows Explorer.  Then Click on the Lightroom Folder.

Next click on the Develop Presets Folder.

Then you can either create a New Folder to store your downloaded preset in, or just dump it in the User Presets Folder.  

Then you will need to restart Lightroom and your new Preset, "Morning Golden Hour" should be available in your develop preset list.