Bears and Bears and Bears Oh My

On my last trip to the Smokies, my friends and I were treated with a mother bear and three of her cubs right at sunrise.  They came out of the woods, walked down Sparks Lane, climbed up a cherry tree and hung out there for a long time.

We all had our Tamron 150-600mm lenses.  That lens allowed us to photograph from a safe distance and still get some descent shots.  

Here is a shot of the cubs walking down Sparks Lane.

And here's a shot of on of the cubs.  He/she was cleaning itself and stopped for a moment to stare into my lens.

I must say, the first shot was quickly taken, handheld.  The moment happened so quick and I just made sure my settings were good and fired away and said a small prayer that one of them would come out sharp.

The second shot, I was mounted on my Vanguard Abeo Plus 323CT Tripod.