Bald River Falls...And The Story

So, a few weeks ago I posted a picture from Bald River Falls in The Cherokee National Forest and told you there was a story to go with it.

Well, the story goes like this...

Back on July 4th a friend and I decided we would head up to Chattanooga, TN to photograph the fireworks display that evening.  We also decided that we would leave our homes in time to go up and photograph along the Ocoee River.  Everything was going according to plan until one of us said "I think Bald River Falls is close to here, let's check it out!".  We promptly looked it up on our smartphones, which said we were about an hour and twenty minutes away.  No problem, fireworks start at 9:30PM and that was somewhere around 6 hours from the current time.  Well, since cell service was spotty, we punch it into the GPS unit.  This could be where things started going south.  The GPS routes us through another forest...not bad, right?  Well, it wasn't bad until it routed us through 10 miles of forest service roads.  This trip was starting to feel like it should be measured in days instead of hours and minutes.  We came across one other car along these forest roads.  We stopped them...I think we just wanted to talk to another human...but they were locals and they told us how to get to the waterfall we were looking for.  To give you an idea how far out of the world we were, the first service station we came upon we went inside for a drink.  They were selling shirts advertising their service station that said "Such and Such Service Station, where the heck is it?".  

So, we make our way to Bald River Falls.  We actually pass a very photogenic stretch of river along the way.  We finish up at Bald River Falls and go back and shoot along the river a bit since we've got so much time to spare.  Then we head back to Chattanooga to check out this firework action.

We pull up to the spot we were going to shoot from and a security guard there tells us we missed the fireworks by 30 was then we realized the clock we were going by was on the wrong time zone.  We never saw the first firework....but we had a blast and a time I will never forget.  I'm actually thinking about heading back up there in the Fall.

Now that you've sat through that story, I'll show you a few more pictures from Bald River Falls.

Here it is...Bald River Falls.  Shot with the Tamron 16-300mm Lens.  Shot in Aperture Priority at F/16, ISO 100 and a shutter speed of 0.8 Seconds.

Here's another reason I carried the 16-300mm lens.  I took the wide shot above and then zoomed in to get this isolation shot.  This was also shot in Aperture Priority Mode at F/16, ISO 100 and 1/5th second.

I hope you enjoyed the story of our insane-ness and the images.