Antique Boats

This past weekend I got the chance to go check out an antique boat show near my home.  The whole morning it was spitting rain and know that kind of weather photographers love but everyone else hates ;)

I knew I was going to be walking and moving around a lot so I went with my Sony A7R and Sony 24-70 F/4 Lens combination.  I went with this choice due to its' size and weight.

Here's a few images from the event.  I shot most everything in Aperture Priority Mode at a relatively large aperture, like F/4 or F/5.6 and ISO 100.

There were mostly Chris Craft Ski Boats at the event, but their were a few others.  It was a fun event to attend.

Here's one of the Chris Craft Boats.  All of them had very intricate woodworking.

Here I just tried to get as directly above the driver's seat as I could...just looking for a different angle.

Lastly, another Chris Craft.  This one had more fiberglass work than most others, but still had just enough wood for him to enter the show ;)