Blondie and Dagwood

So, I came up with a little name for the bluebird pair that is hanging out in the backyard...Blondie and Dagwood.

I've been able to get hundreds and hundreds of pictures of them separately, but haven't been quick enough to capture them together yet.

Here's an image of Dagwood from a day when I was trying out a bit of a camera experiment.  It was a very overcast day, so I decided to give up the speed of my normal A77 II and go with the better low light performing A7R II.  It had several advantages and disadvantages.  It did what I expected, however, and that was get me shots at higher ISOs with very little noise.  I had to use a Sony LA-EA3 lens adapter to connect my Tamron 150-600mm Lens to this body.

What you can't see in this image is that branch he is looking behind has a hollow area in it that I have placed dried mealworms in.  He's checking out the groceries.  This is how I get so many shots of them here, too.

ISO 3200, 500mm, F/6.3 @ 1/800th second

And that brings us to Blondie.  She is always more camera friendly than Dagwood.  Here's an image where she is giving someone down the road...yes, probably Dagwood.

I shot this image with my 'normal' setup.  The Sony A77 II and Tamron 150-600mm Lens.

ISO 1600, 400mm, F/6.3 @ 1/1600th

Regardless of which camera I use.  I am using a Sirui Tripod and Siui PH-20 Gimbal Head to stabilize my gear.

I look forward to following their adventures throughout spring and into summer.  They should begin nest building here in the next few weeks.  So, if you aren't sick of bluebird pictures yet, you maybe soon ;)