Cecil Holmes

This is the spot on the interwebs where I am supposed to tell you that I have won multiple awards and how many times I've been published, then list the big-name publications, right? You can read that on every photographer's bio online, even if it's not true, it's still there. Really, just go look. I'm also supposed to list my sponsors here, but you can read about those on my social media accounts or all across my website.

Rather than list a "resume" of every accomplishment I have had or received, I would prefer you to look at my art to determine my qualifications. I do put a lot of work and pride into it, after all. I am up really early on some days, out really late some nights, and some days I do not sleep at all when I am in search of a photograph. I also spend quite a bit of time behind the keyboard in an effort to further perfect my art. I can only hope you see this dedication and pride in each of my photographs. If you truly need a list of accomplishments, feel free to reach out to me via email and I'll gladly send one over.

Oh yeah....about me. I am a forty-something. I do not know if my generation has a name. I do not have any kind of art background at all. I didn't study under any of the big names in art or photography, in fact, I am self-taught. I know...I know, it seems blasphemous. I simply picked up a camera some time ago, when my oldest son began playing sports. Even though he was 5, I knew I would need good, sharp images to send to all the college scouts and coaches ten years in the future. That's when I decided to purchase my first DSLR. I still blame my son. Soon after, I combined my love of photography with my love of the outdoors. Those two things fit together naturally.

I live in Huntsville, AL with my family that consists of a wife and 4 boys. They are all awesome. I have heard people smarter than I say you take on the personalities of people you spend a lot of time with. So either I made them awesome, or they made me